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Hello. My name is Keeva Black. I’ve been writing on Medium for about six months now. I write in the areas of sex, erotica, swinging, ethical nonmonogamy, hotwifing, kink, foreplay, and poetry. I am the Editor-in-Chief and head writer of the publication, “Modern Swinging.” I am a writer for other publications such as Sexography, Sensual: An Erotic Life, and Sexual Tendencies.

Who is Keeva?

I am a married mother of two from Canada. Specifically, the metro Toronto area. My husband of 15 years, Mr. Black, and I have been in the swingers' lifestyle for just over 10 years. We also…

Enjoyment out of watching others is okay

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I watch them as they move in unison. She is on top of him, riding him hard on a red leather couch. Her breasts are bouncing everywhere in a way that stirs something deep inside of me. He has sweat on his brow as he looks up at her — biting his lip as he does this. They seem lost in each other, neither of them paying any attention to me as my brown eyes soaks them in.

It not only pleases me but turns me on in many different ways. Mentally I imagine what they must both be feeling…

How to be real-life friends with your swinger friends

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“Looking for friends in and out of the bedroom.”

Almost every single swingers dating profile has those nine words in it. It is extremely common and yet, I have to wonder…what does that even mean?

The truth is being a swinger is a taboo thing. You’d think in this day and age, with more people being open-minded and preaching sex positivety left and right, that swingers wouldn’t have to hide their true identities. But, that’s a story for another time.

If you are like Mr. Black and I, in that you genuinely enjoy the friendship aspect of the lifestyle, then…

Feeling hot comes in all shapes and sizes

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I can’t remember the last time I was a size 2.

I think maybe when I was 14 years old? Even then I was a freshman in high school, starving myself to stay as small as my group of girlfriends. There was that one time while playing soccer that I passed out on the field in front of my teammates and family. That was the last time I let society dictate what I should look like.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I learned from a young age that there are many forms of beauty and that we’re not all…

Why the show was way off the mark in regards to the lifestyle

Photo via Netflix’s “Sex/Life”

Netflix premiered a new show on June 25th, 2021 called “Sex/Life.” In case you’ve been living under a rock or in a cave the past 3 weeks, you might want to skip the rest of this article.


Netflix’s description of the show: “A woman’s daring sexual past collides with her married-with-kids present when the bad-boy ex she can’t stop fantasizing about crashes back into her life.”

The show stars the beautiful Sarah Shahi as titular character Billie Connelly, Mike Vogel as Billie’s handsome husband, Cooper Connelly, Adam Demos as Billie's sexy ex-boyfriend, Brad Simon, and Margaret Odette…

The swinging community is small and word spreads like wildfire

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The swinging community is one of the best examples I’ve seen where I’ve thought— what a small, small world it is. Even Kevin Bacon would be connected to another couple you or I met in some way if he and Kyra Sedgwick were swingers (hopeful thinking!). Except, usually the connection is far less than six degrees!

While more and more couples seem to be entering the lifestyle, the truth is the community will likely always remain small in nature. With many couples traveling for events, LS-themed vacations, or play, the world has become a much smaller place. …

A double shot of cum

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“Last call!” Jasmin yelled out from behind the bar.

She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand, the heat was almost unbearable now. She reached down and undid another button on her red and black flannel shirt. It would not have been her first choice, but when you work in a honky-tonk in the middle of Nashville you have to dress the part.

Her push-up bra accentuated her large breasts, making her C’s look more like DD’s. She was still amazed at the difference it made in her tip count. The truth was men loved tits. They loved…

A poem about intimacy and love

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Two bodies move as one across silken sheets
sweat-stricken skin slaps together in perfect rhythm
nature’s most perfect pirouette — you inside of me.

Fill me up
fill me up
fill me up

Rub your tongue against mine
on fire with desire and wanting
this moment is ours — an exemplification of our love.

Fill me up
fill me up
fill me up

Touch me at my altar of fruitfulness
glistening with hunger
ready for the matching piece — a prophecy fulfilled.

Fill me up
fill me up
fill me up

White-hot secretions melt…

Why it is a serious problem in the lifestyle

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“The female half of the couple enjoys other women and girl/girl time.”

“Open to f/f play…”

“Woman, 37, Bisexual”

A great deal of swinger dating profiles across the net indicate the other female’s interest in the same sex. When I, as a bisexual female swinger, read that the female half is bisexual, I get excited. Of course, factors such as 4-way attraction and other compatibility factors play a factor, but the option for some “girl time” is always an exciting possibility.

After we meet over a casual dinner, the lights go…

Keeva Black

🇨🇦 Writer. Mom. Living ENM, Swinging & Hotwife lifestyle with my soul mate. Editor:

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