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Hello. My name is Keeva Black. I’ve been writing on Medium for about six months now. I write in the areas of sex, erotica, swinging, ethical nonmonogamy, hotwifing, kink, foreplay, and poetry. I am the Editor-in-Chief and head writer of the publication, “Modern Swinging.” I am a writer for other publications such as Sexography, Sensual: An Erotic Life, and Sexual Tendencies.

Who is Keeva?

I am a married mother of two from Canada. Specifically, the metro Toronto area. My husband of 15 years, Mr. Black, and I have been in the swingers' lifestyle for just over 10 years. We also…

It’s not me, it’s you.

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I have never been a prude. Like, the other day I laughed at a “Your Mom” joke on a Facebook post regarding what kind of condiment other than ketchup you’d dip your fries into. Snicker. I appreciate a good pervert because I am one. So much so that I often tell people that I have the mind of an 82-year-old man in the body of a 39ish-year-old woman. …

This is so much deeper than Twilight

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the darkness. I feel at home in graveyards and Halloween is a sacred holiday within the walls of my home. I tell you these things to try and rationalize one of my darkest desires, a true kink that I know I’m not alone in.

I want to fuck a monster.

Sometimes it’s a vampire, or a werewolf, or some alien creature from another planet, but nothing quite turns me on like the idea of being taken by some otherworldly creature. Society has exposed us all to the sexy allure…

The world would be a better place

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I had the silliest conversation with a swinger friend the other day. We were talking about our shared writing experience and how we both used to write for several different women’s magazines that are no different than the ones from the 1950s, our grandmothers used to read to set up and maintain a perfect home. You know…to have a happy husband?

With titles such as, “How To Clean Your Toilet With a Toothbrush” and “How To Host Your Mother-in-law For the Weekend,” this shit was mindless and outdated, to say the least. …


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Continued from Part 2

Sitting up, I reached for a tissue on the bedside table. I started to wipe the cum off my pussy and asshole. I tossed one tissue to the floor and reached for another.

That’s when he entered.

I hurriedly returned to the floor, to my knees. His shoes clicked across the floor as he walked towards me. With my eyes on the floor, I sat naked in front of him.

“Did you wipe yourself?” Daddy asked.

I nodded my head.

“You know you aren’t supposed to do that until I tell you to do that. Don’t…

It is definitely the most important thing in the Lifestyle

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Above all things in the Swinging Lifestyle, respect is by far the most important. It is the bedrock of which a couple chooses to enter the Lifestyle and the basis of a good pairing. Without respect for boundaries, rules, and relationships then your time swinging will come to an abrupt end.

Mixed into the general guidelines of respect are several subcategories that newbie swingers might not consider when entering the Lifestyle. Heck, even some seasoned swingers could deal with a fresh lesson in this area. …

Part 2

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Continued from part one

I still laid over the bed as the next person walked towards me. It took me a moment to realize that there was more than one set of footsteps. I didn’t turn my head to look, as my role as a fucktoy prohibits it. I gazed forward at the other side of the bed until a familiar man appeared in my view. It was Marcus. He is Daddy’s best friend and someone that’s fucked me many times before.

“Look at you! You are in quite the vulnerable position aren’t you?” Marcus said, laying down on the…

Part 1

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My name is Sophie. I’m a mom, wife, sister, friend, daughter and nurse. When I’m not any of these things I play a much different role — one that serves not only me, but my husband as well. My husband, Pete, or sometimes known as “Daddy” is my master when I slip my black thigh highs over my knees. He helps me zip my black corset as he smacks my ass quickly from behind. When he finishes he whispers into my ear, “You are going to be a good little fuck toy tonight, aren’t you?”

His words go straight to…

A bisexual woman’s fantasy

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Have you read the children’s book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…”?

No? It doesn’t matter! The gist is that for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. You know…nerd shit.

So, let me ask you this

If a group of bisexual or gay adult women still had sleepovers, what would happen?

Would they wear sexy pajamas made of the softest cotton and silks?

And if they wore those pajamas would they also have their hair and makeup on point for the occasion?

If their makeup was done would they be trying to look sexy?

By looking sexy are they trying to…

To wrap or not to wrap

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Rubbers. Condoms. Protection.

If you are like me, my mind automatically goes back to my middle school days. Good ole’ Mrs. Bulgara stands at the front of the room, with a banana in one hand and a condom in the other. The boys behind me snicker as she slides the thing over the curved fruit with ease.

“And that is how you put a condom on an erect penis!” she says.

As prepared as 8th-grade health class should have made me for when I’d have sexual intercourse someday, all of that would go out the window when I became a…

Keeva Black

🇨🇦 Writer. Mom. Living ENM, Swinging & Hotwife lifestyle with my soul mate. Editor:

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