Sexuality is not something that can be made into a competition.

I see it everywhere.

On dating sites, on swingers apps, even at in-person events.

Women saying that they are “very bisexual.”

That instead of the regular version of bisexual, they are the extra special kind — as if there are varying degrees of being bi. It all sounds like salt added to french fries as if someone can be just a smidge bi or overwhelmingly so.

Yes, of course, there are people that are bicurious or bicomfortable, and hey, you do you.

As someone that once identified as both of those things, I definitely get it. But, on the other…

Science proves why we love them

I remember a time when beards were reserved for people like grandfathers, strange men that lived alone in the wilderness, and of course, Santa Claus. Not being able to pinpoint the exact moment in time when beards started to come back into style, I’m sure it was somewhere between 2010 and 2020.

The Miami Hair Institute says, “Millennials and men under 45 have taken the lead in the growth of beard growth, as more people work from home and offices have become more casual in dress and appearances.”

The rising amount of young men resembling Civil War-era soldiers has somewhat…

Why I Finally Bought One

It took me nearly 40 years to buy my first dildo.

I can’t give you a rhyme or reason as to why I’ve never purchased an artificial penis, it just is what it is. To be honest, my sex toy vault was pretty boring until a couple of years ago. Besides my Magic Wand and some lube, there really wasn’t much that interested me.

Then, I had an experience that turned me on to the allure of a dildo.

My husband and I are swingers. We have been for the better part of 10 years. During that time, we’ve had…

The highs and lows of sex with different ages.

When my husband and I first entered the swinging lifestyle we thought we had it all figured out. One of our beliefs was that we would only date couples our own age or slightly younger. We were both in our late 20’s at the time, so this would have been people with ages anywhere from 20–35.

As we started to go out on dates with couples in that age bracket, we quickly realized that something was missing. While some of them ended up being matches simply because there was a mutual…

And how freeing it was for me to finally do it

I sat there haphazardly filling out the standard medical questionnaire given to me at my primary doctor’s office every year on my annual checkup. Breezing through the documents, I checked “no” under family histories of breast cancer, “yes” to depression/anxiety and when I reached the final piece, the demographics I stopped.

Sexual orientation.

I’d never thought about it — how a simple question on a piece of paper could tell someone so much about who I am. And also, why had I never been brave enough to check “bisexual”? I looked at the boxes for a long time, before the…

Voyeurs are always welcome

With so many different sexual kinks, fetishes and desires, it can be hard to keep them all straight. One particularly misunderstood fetish is voyeurism. In fact, it is so often confused that there are two versions of the word out there. Basically, there’s “good voyeurism” and “bad voyeurism.”

Healthline defines voyeurism as, “…an interest in observing unsuspecting people while they undress, are naked or engage in sexual activities. The interest is usually more in the act of watching, rather than in the person being watched.

Healthline’s definition is what we would call “bad voyeurism,” because the people having sex have…

Double the pleasure. Double the cum.

Peter wasn’t the type of man I’d typically go for. He was somewhat nerdy, much older, and lived more than 3 hours away. If I was being honest, none of those things were what I looked for in a fuck buddy.

Yet, as I held my thumb on his picture to swipe left, something inside of me told me to give him a better look. Removing my thumb, I glanced through his other pictures. The last picture was one of him on his boat, with his shirt off and a pair of navy blue…

An erotic story.

I glanced into the mirror of my compact. My face was a bit puffy from the daily cry session I had just had in the office ladies’ room. It was something that happened every day since my divorce just three months prior. My caramel skin was more of a reddish tone and my brown hair was a mess. I really needed to get my shit together. As I looked up at the mountain of paperwork on my desk, I knew I had to get to it if I was going to get out of the office anytime…

Just doing her part to help out our boys.

She glanced in the mirror, running a final line of bright red lipstick over her perfect lips. With smokey eyes, her chestnut hair done up nicely, and a navy blue halter dress — she imagined she looked like most of their sweethearts back home. In fact, that was the goal. Her job was to recreate something they were missing back home. She was playing the role of thousands of women back in the United States. Someone high up the chain of command in the War Department had sought her out, as they had hundreds of other women.

She was working…

If you are in it just to watch, then swinging might not be for you.

One thing I see and hear about so very often in the lifestyle is a man that likes to watch his wife get fucked. Many women also seem to enjoy this, too, but it is almost always the man that will look over at my husband fucking his wife. While I totally appreciate this and love to involve everyone, it can be a little disheartening when your swap partner doesn’t give you their undivided attention.

There is an underlining subculture of men in the lifestyle that probably should look more into the hotwifing or threesome veins than continue to try…

Keeva Black

🇨🇦 Writer. Mom. Living ENM, Swinging & Hotwife lifestyle with my soul mate. Editor:

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